4 Ways Coconut Water Can Improve Your Health

Coconut Water

Coconut water tastes delicious and provides a healthy alternative to sugary sports drinks and sodas.

Here are 4 exciting ways coconut water can improve your health:

#1 Coconut Water Improves Skin Health

Using coconut water as a cleanser can lead to better-looking skin, even for those who experience regular acne and blemishes.

Coconut water has proven anti-fungal capabilities that reduce inflammation and skin infections.

When applied topically, it also helps moisturize skin and clean clogged pores.

#2 Coconut Water Provides A Natural Energy Boost

Sports drinks and sodas may be advertised as a way to get a boost of energy, but they can’t compare to the natural effects of drinking coconut water.

Coconut water provides plenty of calcium and potassium, which are vital minerals your body needs in order to stay energized.

In fact coconut water provides 404mg of potassium per cup so it makes for a great post workout drink!

It also contains lots of electrolytes and proteins such as alanine and cysteine, which aid in overall health, all without the presence of excess sugars and sodium.

#3 Coconut Water Lowers Blood Pressure Naturally

Coconut water reduces blood pressure thanks to its high concentration of magnesium, potassium and vitamin C.

Getting more potassium in your diet, for example, is a proven method for reducing the negative impact sodium has on your blood pressure, and coconut water water offers high levels of potassium in the most tasty, convenient way possible.

Coconut water also improves the circulation of blood through your body, which dramatically reduces your risk of experiencing heart disease.

#4 Coconut Water Puts An End To Chronic Headaches

Because coconut water has such great hydrating properties, it helps many people eliminate dehydration headaches from their lives.

The vast majority of headaches are caused by nothing more than dehydration.

When it comes to treating migraines, a lot of people have also seen excellent results by drinking coconut water.

Migraines are often times caused by a lack of magnesium, which coconut water has a lot of.

In terms of beverages that provide your body with a wide range of health benefits, it doesn’t get any better than coconut water.

It’s a proven way to treat headaches, lower blood pressure, have healthier skin and experience more energy, all with a delicious and refreshing taste you’ll always look forward to.

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