5 Ways To Boost Up Your Step Count And Improve Your Health

Increase Step Count

If you don’t already have a pedometer to track your steps then you need to get one!

According to Harvards research on pedometers using a ped motivates one to move more and increases activity levels by 27%.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy model that tracks other things such as heartrate, calories, and hours slept.  Simple pedometers are pretty inexpensive (less than $25) and readily available at most stores.

You also need to tie your step count to a goal, such as how many steps you want to achieve in a day.

The daily recommend step count is 10,000 steps but even 4,000 has been shown to be great for brain health.

Doing the math, 10,000 steps roughly translates into 5 miles worth of putting one foot in front of the other.

Yep, five miles.  If you walk a mile in 15 minutes that works out to 75 minutes of walking per day.

Life is busy.  Who has time to walk for 75 minutes every day?

If you follow these simple tips, you will see significant increases in your daily step count.

#1 Walk While You Talk

Don’t sit on the couch or at your desk while talking on the phone.  Instead, walk around or pace back and forth while you’re chatting.

#2 Baby Steps

Take 10 – 15 minute mini walks three times a day.

This can be accomplished during lunch time or breaks.  If you have children involved in sports, take a walk instead of sitting and watching the entire practice.

Three 10 minute walks will meet the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day.

#3 Take It A Step Further

Stop hunting for the perfect parking spot and park at the back of the parking lot.  If you ride the bus, get off a stop earlier.  Skip the elevator and take the stairs, even if it’s only for one floor. Take the long way to the restroom or use a restroom that is farther away.

#4 Skip The Email

If you work in an office, try to avoid sending an email or message to a co-worker.  Instead, get up and go visit them in their office.  Besides the extra step bonus, your personal appearance will probably be appreciated and welcomed.

#5 Start A Competition

There’s nothing like a friendly competition to fuel the fire inside. 

Challenge a friend or family member with a pedometer to increase their step count, too.

You could set a common goal that both of you have to meet or simply agree to increase step count to 200 more steps than the previous day.

Just remember, getting to 10,000 steps is going to be challenging for most people, so don’t feel like you have to accomplish this feat the first day you wear your pedometer.

See what your average is and gradually increase from there.  With daily use and awareness, along with following these tips, you will eventually reach that 10,000 steps per day recommendation and feel great!

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