The 5 Reasons Why Men Need To Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is a physical fitness activity that has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance over the past couple of decades. Thirty years ago, it was seen by many as a niche activity, and also one where the class attendance skewed significantly toward the female gender. There was even this idea in some parts of the world […]

5 Ways To Boost Up Your Step Count And Improve Your Health

If you don’t already have a pedometer to track your steps then you need to get one! According to Harvards research on pedometers using a ped motivates one to move more and increases activity levels by 27%. It doesn’t have to be a fancy model that tracks other things such as heartrate, calories, and hours […]

Could An Extra Cup Of Coffee Improve Your Workout?

There’s no shortage of research supporting the use of caffeine when it comes to athletic performance. In fact, its effects are so well known that caffeine is currently on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s monitoring list to make sure athletes don’t abuse its potential. However, the average gym-goer is probably less interested in breaking world records […]

Should You Care About Your BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of your body weight in comparison to your height. The following are commonly accepted ranges: <18.5 Underweight 18.5-24.9 Ideal weight >25 Overweight >30 Obese What Does BMI Really Mean? What does your BMI actually tell you about your body? You may have seen news articles with statistics claiming […]