Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us which is why we’ve created this privacy policy for to explain the data we collect and how it affects you.

What Data Do We Collect On You?

  • First of all, our server logs the ip of everyone who visits (all websites do this.)
  • Second. If you leave a comment we store the name and email you used to leave the comment in a secure file.

If you have left a comment and would like to request the data file we have on you or for it to be deleted then please send an email to

Web Forms contains subscriber forms for you to be notified of new posts.

If you subscribe then we will securely store the name, email and ip you use to subscribe.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important and apart from the data we talked about above we do not collect anything else.

IntelliFit is also SSL secured so when you do leave a comment your data will not be intercepted.

We hope this explains everything.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please send an email to or contact us here.