The Best Time To Workout On A Busy Schedule Is..

When to workout

If you have a packed schedule it can be difficult to find time to go to the gym.

However, if you aren’t currently exercising, you’re missing out on tons of benefits that are going to improve all aspects of your life. 

A few of the benefits of exercise include:

  • Increasing happiness
  • Improving energy
  • Increasing lifespan
  • Promoting brain health
  • Managing bodyweight
  • Improving metabolism
  • Increasing bone density
  • Reducing pain

You may not want to sacrifice time that could be spent relaxing or working by going to the gym, but with a little time management, you should be able to workout daily or almost every day without having to sacrifice these areas of your life. 

When Is The Best Time of Day to Exercise?

The best time of day to exercise is as soon as you wake up.

The thought of waking up at 6:00 a.m. to an annoying alarm may not seem appealing, but the benefits far outweigh the cons.

Why Workout First Thing In The Morning?

You’ll Stop Skipping Workouts

By getting it out of the way in the morning, you’re less likely to skip your workout.

You should always try to complete your most important tasks before tasks that are less important to make sure you don’t spend your time with busy work. What’s more important than your health?

You may intend to go to the gym after work, but when your co-worker calls in sick and you have to do double your normal workload unexpectedly, you may find yourself too exhausted.

Plus after a day at work do you even have the energy to go workout?

There are a million excuses for why you may have to skip your workout, some of them legitimate and some of them not, so do yourself a favor and finish your workout before you find a reason not to do it. 

Helps You Wake Up Better

By working out first thing in the morning, you also give your body a jump start to keep you mentally sharp for the rest of the day.

Exercising releases endorphins which can improve mood and focus, so when you finally do go to work or get your day started, you’ll still be riding the post-workout high.

The first few times you wake up earlier may be difficult, but as you settle into a routine, your body’s circadian rhythm will adjust and it will become easier.

Be More Productive

By getting your workout out of the way as soon as you wake up, you’ll have your entire day open to do whatever you want.

By showering at the gym post-workout, you only have to shower once a day, which can save you time.

You’ll also have a reason to wake up early to prevent you from sleeping in until noon. 

Get Started Tomorrow Morning!

By moving your workout to the mornings, you start your day with a commitment to your health that will leave you feeling good the rest of the day.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic physical activity per week, so set aside time each morning for a bit of exercise that you enjoy to get your heart pumping and start your day off right!

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